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La Gorce Country Club Description

The classic La Gorce Country Club in Miami Beach is named after John Oliver La Gorce, a man known for his pioneering efforts in making Miami Beach what it is today but it’s actually a joint project between him and former politician James M. Cox. Both men felt that Miami Beach needed more pleasure minded activities and thus the La Gorce Country Club was born. Today the La Gorce Country Club remains one of Miami Beach’s swankiest places and sits on a namesake island featuring a gorgeous array of Miami Beach homes just walking distance from the pro golf courses that draw so many people to the country club each year.
The Miami Beach luxury homes that comprise La Gorce Country Club real estate are famed for their impressive architectural design and the amenities, the biggest is obviously the country club itself. You can choose from homes by the waterfront with pristine views of Biscyane Bay or ones that overlook the intracoastal but rest assured that no matter of which of these you choose, you’ll always have tons of square footage. If you’d prefer something a little more private, homes that are further inland are available. As is the case in Miami Beach, boat docks are practically standard and so is the added comfort of knowing you’ll have gated security.
The La Gorce Country Club is actually not as far from South Beach as you might think. If you wanted to, a bike ride will get you there in a short amount of time and is much better than trying to navigate the crowded streets of the city on the weekend. Alternatively, you can also head over to one of the small parks within walking distance from the country club.

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