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Allison Island Description

A little more than eight acres comprise the stylish Allison Island. Positioned in between the Miami Beach mainland and La Gorce Island, it’s commonly singled out for having spacious lots and stunning Miami Beach luxury homes. One of the most distinctive features of Allison Island is its unusual oblong shape and the exceptionally large plots of land. They may seem unimportant yet it’s these features that allow each of the Allison Island homes an alluring waterfront location and tons of space.
Luxury, value, comfort, space, all of these qualities that you may be looking for and more come together in Allison Island to create an amazing experience that makes up Allison Island real estate. Impeccable landscaping, driveways in a circular style, shimmering swimming pools radiating the South Florida sunshine, huge yards, these are additional features that further classify the Allison Island properties. On top of traditional Allison Island homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, the larger homes on the island often have an entire tennis court and wonderful aesthetic features like a courtyard.
You already know that Allison Island has the perfect position sitting comfortably in between La Gorce and the Miami Beach mainland. But this feature means a lot more than you might think.   Things like fine dining on Ocean Drive, copious retail at Lincoln Road, lively entertainment, golfing, boating on Biscayne Bay and sultry sunbathing are just moments away by choosing beautiful Allison Island. On top of all this you’ll still enjoy the privacy and comfort of an island home.

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