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Palm Island Description

Palm Island is another one of the residential manmade island neighborhoods located in between downtown Miami and Miami Beach, belonging to the latter. It’s considered a part of trio that includes the similarly shaped Hibiscus Island right across to the north and the appropriately named Star Island just east, all of which are easily accessible from the MacArthur Causeway. The trio makes up a group of distinct residential island neighborhoods on Biscayne Bay.
Palm Island real estate offers gorgeously luxurious Miami Beach waterfront homes often classified as mansions that generally come with a multimillion dollar price tag but are a sheer marvel to behold as they often boast up to twelve bedrooms or more on the higher end. The smaller Palm Island homes are still multistory and feature an inviting Spanish deco design. These residences usually have around three bedrooms but do come with lower price tags. Despite the fact that Palm Island property carries premium million dollar price tags, it’s actually one of the more reasonably priced neighborhoods when compared to the rest of the adjacent residential island neighborhoods.
Palm Island also has a few things in common with these other islands when it comes to features, namely the convenience and comfort of gated security. You’ll also find cozy picnic areas right by the waters of Biscayne Bay as well as tennis courts. Nearly all of the Palm Island homes have boat docks as well.
Since Palm Island is closer to the MacArthur Causeway than Hibiscus Island, it’s that much easier to get to the actual city of Miami Beach and the South Beach area. At the end of the day you get to head back to the privacy of your quiet island residence.

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