Luxury Communities

Luxury Communities

Miami Beach has many unique communities within it, each with its own distinctive lifestyle and spectacular Miami Beach homes that characterize what the neighborhood is all about.  Luxury island homes, waterfront properties with boat docks, gated communities with tree-lined streets and unbelievably lush surroundings, there’s a lot to choose from when exploring Miami Beach real estate in one of these fine communities. 

Fisher Island is unquestionably among the wealthiest and most luxurious neighborhoods in the country.  You can also explore one of the other lavish manmade island neighborhoods like celebrity favorite Star Island, one of the six Venetian Islands or Palm Island.  If you’re into golfing you’ll definitely want to check out La Gorce Island. 

Pinetree Drive and contemporary Allison Island have gorgeous Miami Beach homes with lots of square footage while Indian Creek is known for its tight gated security, optimum privacy and the sprawling lots that each of the forty homes sits on.

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Allison Island
Area: Miami Beach Island
Price Range:

A little more than eight acres comprise the stylish Allison Island. Positioned in between the Miami Beach mainland and La Gorce Island, it’s commonly singled out for having spacious lots and stunning Miami Beach luxury homes. One of the most distinctive features of Allison Island is its unusual oblong shap...
Biscayne Point and Stillwater
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $6,500-$1,250,000

Stillwater and Biscayne Paoint are a residential communities within the neighborhood of Biscayne Point, a secluded neighborhood just west of the Miami Beach mainland. It’s almost completely surrounded by the waters of Biscayne Bay, essentially making every single one of the Miami Beach homes on Stillw...
Fisher Island
Area: Miami Beach Island
Price Range: $7,000-$26,411,500

For the ultimate in luxury living and privacy in South Florida, you won’t find another neighborhood with the regality of Fisher Island. This community created by Miami Beach pioneer Carl Fisher is among the wealthiest and most exclusive neighborhoods in the entire country, boasting what are arguably the most st...
Hibiscus Island
Area: Miami Beach Island
Price Range: $7,250-$29,950,000

Hibiscus Island is a manmade residential neighborhood belonging to Miami Beach right across from its sibling, the neighboring Palm Island which is just off of the MacArthur Causeway. It comprises a larger collective of island neighborhoods that are known for being very popular among celebrities and wealthy public fig...
Indian Creek Village
Price Range: $29,500,000-$29,500,000

Not only is Indian Creek one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Miami Beach, it’s also among the safest thanks to it monitored around the clock security. Interestingly however, the community is not necessarily considered a part of Miami Beach despite the fact that it’s practically within the city itself.&...
La Gorce Country Club
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $1,295,000-$1,295,000

The classic La Gorce Country Club in Miami Beach is named after John Oliver La Gorce, a man known for his pioneering efforts in making Miami Beach what it is today but it’s actually a joint project between him and former politician James M. Cox. Both men felt that Miami Beach needed more pleasure minded activit...
La Gorce Island
Area: Miami Beach Island
Price Range: N/A

La Gorce, or La Gorce Island as it’s also known is a large multipurpose island within Miami Beach, perhaps best known for being the home of the popular and much frequented La Gorce Country Club. La Gorce has many single family Miami Beach luxury homes that are either tucked away towards the inner areas of the i...
Miami Beach Homes
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $5,000-$65,000,000

Sun, fun, fine dining from places all over the world, fashion, all of these qualities have made Miami Beach one of the top southeastern tourism destinations in the country. It manages to fuse an ever contemporary lifestyle with a rich history most often seen in the historic Art Deco district of the city. Combine...
Normandy Isles
Area: Miami Beach Island
Price Range: $5,250-$6,950,000

The Normandy Isles are a pair of Miami Beach neighborhoods separated by a canal running directly through the center, consisting of Normandy Isle to the south and Normandy Shores to the north. The former provides the easy access to nearby North Bay Village while the latter has the popular Normandy Shores Golf Club.&nb...
North Bay Road
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $5,450-$29,500,000

North Bay Road is a small residential community located north of the Venetian Causeway, not far from where many people first enter the neighborhood. It runs parallel to Alton Road and extends all the way up to the western of the city, primarily consisting of traditional single family homes. Since it intersects s...
Palm Island
Area: Miami Beach Island
Price Range: $15,900-$29,500,000

Palm Island is another one of the residential manmade island neighborhoods located in between downtown Miami and Miami Beach, belonging to the latter. It’s considered a part of trio that includes the similarly shaped Hibiscus Island right across to the north and the appropriately named Star Island just east, al...
Pinetree Drive
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $8,500-$29,750,000

The Miami Beach homes of Pinetree Drive are commonly placed among the most prestigious neighborhoods in the city. The street that the neighborhood is named after runs parallel to the intracoastal, allowing for both scenic views and residences that have plenty of privacy. Despite the added perk of seclusion, Pine...
South Beach Homes
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $5,000-$65,000,000

If you’re looking for the best place to live in South Florida and the most lucrative investment property, few will disagree that the South Beach homes are the finest choices available.  Already within an area known around the world for its style, culture, beaches and 24 hour entertainment, if you want to be in ...
Star Island
Area: Miami Beach Island
Price Range: $85,000-$37,000,000

If by chance you’re talking a leisurely stroll through the South Beach area and happen to see a celebrity of some kind having a dinner with friends or colleagues, there’s a strong possibility they may be staying or living in one of the Miami Beach waterfront homes of famous Star Island. Just like its name...
Sunset Islands
Area: Miami Beach Island
Price Range: $29,000-$13,900,000

The Sunset Islands are a quartet of Miami Beach residential neighborhoods located east of the Bayshore Golf Course. They belong to a large group of manmade islands that sit on Biscayne Bay right in between Miami Beach and Downtown Miami but are generally grouped into an area collectively referred to as Bayshore. ...
Venetian Islands
Area: Miami Beach Island
Price Range: $6,500-$19,900,000

The Venetian Islands are a sextet of manmade neighborhoods located on Biscayne Bay comprising Biscayne Island, Di Lido Island , Rivo Alto Island, San Marco Island , Belle Isle and San Marino Island. The Venetian Causeway which runs across all six islands connects Miami Beach to the east and downtown Miami to the west...
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16 Properties Found

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September 16, 2013
Allison Island is one of the northern man made islands that comprise Miami Beach. It is...
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September 09, 2013
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